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The Overview

For an everyday bettor, GT Bets is the perfect site to dive into the world of betting. You can wager on just about any major sporting event including: US Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Horse Racing, and an array of others. The website is simple to use and navigate. They make it extremely easy to get started and even offer a mobile version of their site! Making it extremely convenient for those on the go.

Two drawbacks to the site are: 1) The betting limits aren’t very high & 2) Their lines are a little slow to be posted. BUT you only care about this if you are a HIGH- ROLLER! Casual bettors who want to bet a few bucks ($35 min deposit, $1 min bets) on their favorite sporting events will find they have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The site has been around since 2011 and is backed by 24/7 customer service, making them one of the safest and reliable places to bet for almost a decade now.

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The Pros

  • Generous Sign-up Bonus
  • Unique Promotions
  • Easy to Navigate Site
  • Great Customer Service

The Cons

  • Limited depositing options
  • Slow to post lines
  • Low maximum bets

The Highlights

Sign-up Bonus

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One of the amazing perks to joining GT Bets is their generous sign-up bonus. For your first deposit they will match 100% up-to $500 with a minimum deposit of $35. In addition to that they will also match 50% up-to $250 for your second deposit!


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The sign-up bonus itself is an amazing offer to get you started, but there are a few more promotions that make using this site even more enjoyable!

You can sign-up HERE if you want to get started now!

Here are details on the other promos offered…

Automated Reload Bonus

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In order to qualify for your bonus you must meet all three criteria below:

  • Your current account balance must be equal to or less than 25% of your previous deposit amount. The total account balance includes pending sports wagers and download casino balances. For example; If your last deposit was $100, you must have $25 or less in your total account balance to qualify for a bonus.
  • You will not qualify for an automated bonus if your last transaction was a withdrawal.

Favorite Teams

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“Get free points on your favorite football and basketball teams during regular season.”

– GT Website

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your one favorite team from each NFL, NCAA Football, NBA and NCAA Basketball leagues. Once you choose these teams, you will not be allowed to change them for the entire season.
  • You will get 1/2 Point Free on every regular season game for each of your favorite teams that you have selected in the various leagues. For example, if your favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots and they are favored at -3, you’ll be offered the line at -2.5, and you will still be able to select a team in each of the other 3 leagues mentioned above.
  • The lines for your favorite teams will show highlighted in yellow on the odds pages so they are easy to find.

Here’s the rules:

  • Regular Season games only
  • Max bet at the adjusted line $3,000 for NCAA Football and $5,000 for NFL
  • Straight wagers only. No parlays, teasers, or if-bets. Sides only, full game only, no totals, no 1/2 times, no quarters
  • Management reserves the right to suspend this promo for any account at any time

Refer A Friend

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The refer a friend bonus is based on 50% of your friends initial deposit with a maximum of $400.

Just have your friend add your account ID to the referral field on the sign up page then contact the support center. The 50% Refer a Friend Bonus will be credited when you contact them via chat, email or phone.

In order to qualify for the Refer a Friend bonus you must have made at least five lifetime deposits in your account, one of which was initiated in the last 3 months, and a total lifetime deposit value of at least $500 USD. Referrals from the same household are not eligible for the refer a friend bonus. Refer a Friend bonuses are only eligible to accounts residing within the USA, all other countries are excluded.

Email Promotions

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Make sure to add to your email contact list to guarantee that you receive GT’s weekly newsletter. Every week they send out an email newsletter with great promotions and bonus offers, and without adding them to your contact list, you run the risk of these emails going into your spam filter. In addition to promotional offers, they might also contact you regarding important account updates, so it is critical that they are able to reach you.

In addition to adding them to your email contact list, make sure your account preferences are setup to receive email promotions. Log into your account, go to My Account, then click on Preferences. Here you will find a field labeled “Receive promotional e-mails”, make sure this is set to Yes. If not, switch it to Yes, and hit the “Update” button at the bottom of the page.

Here are some of the great offers that you might find in their weekly email newsletters:

  • Double Reloads
  • Point Discounts on Bets
  • Free Bets on Specified Games
  • Double Reward Point Promotions
  • Game of the Week Specials
  • No Juice or Half Juice Specials
  • Sweepstakes Giveaways

Additional Perks

Mobile Betting

Just as easy as the desktop site!

The mobile site is just as easy to use as its desktop counterpart. Still easy to navigate, and functionality is pretty much the same making it quick and easy to submit your bets.

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Customer Service

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As with most reputable sites, there is a customer service team to help you out with any questions or concerns you might have. Or even just to get some help on anything regarding the use of their site. They have a friendly staff and offer a few ways to get in touch with them. The best way seems to be getting someone directly on the phone. The live chat option is fine but the responses are a little slow and seem to be a little scripted. Email is also a great way to get in touch.


Top 5 Reasons TO Sign-up!

  1. Easy to use & navigate site! (GREAT for BEGINNER’S!!!)
  2. INSANE Sign-up Bonuses!
  3. They offer a Mobile Site! (Are you always on the go?)
  4. They have been around for almost a decade!
  5. They have 24/7 Customer Service!

Top 5 Reasons NOT TO Sign-up!

  1. If you are a Seasoned or Advanced bettor who tends to bet High Stakes.
  2. For some bettor’s, the lines of some sports may be posted a little later than they’d like to see.
  3. Some people may be limited on their deposit options.
  4. If you don’t care about taking advantage of great promotions.

Cant stress number 5 enough…

The ultimate decision is up to you my friends!

Here at the Everyday Better we just hope we provided you with VALUE in our content to give KNOWLEDGE and INSIGHT.

Interested in joining GT Bets?



When you sign-up with GT Bets by clicking on the link above we do receive an affiliate referral commission. We hope you found value in this content and as always appreciate your support.


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